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Deck the Halls SML style: tree edition December 3, 2013

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It’s tree time! Yay, yay, YAY!! Even though I am in retail management, Christmas is still my favorite time of year. I just love the way the decorations look, especially the lights. I love lights! And Christmas trees of all types! AND LIGHTS!!

I like to think of myself as a non-traditional traditionalist. I know you’re thinking that I’ve completely lost it, and… well… I have, but that’s beside the point. Let me explain: I have very traditional values, like to do certain things “the old-fashioned way”, and try to live more simply, but, I love one-of-a-kind things, funky, bright colors, and creativity! Get it now?

So anyway, the past few years I have become disenchanted with the whole normal tree thing. So about 4 years ago, I started my wall light tree. I would take removable adhesive hooks, nails, tape, whatever I had to, in order to attach lights to the wall, and then hang ornaments straight from the light wires!

2010 Wall Light Tree

Matos Light Wall Tree


I LOVED them, more than I can express with words! I could go with whatever size or shape I wanted, or had the room for, and get creative! I already had another funky idea in mind for this year, building a tree out of pieces of reclaimed wood, but I was outnumbered. 😦

Fast froward to this year. The hubby and kids all ganged up on me and rallied for a real tree. Before the “light trees”, we had faux trees, so the kids have never had a real tree. They won, of course, and we got a Scotch Pine. Luis and I had quite a time getting the tree into the stand. The tree was a bit prickly and large. And did I mention that it was large? After years of light trees and years before that of faux trees, this 8 foot giant was huge to us! Eventually we prevailed over the tree and got it standing up.

Then came the lights. I bought some larger, cut glass-looking lights. They kind of reminded me of the old-fashioned lights, and I really thought they would compliment our little 20’s Bungalow quite well.

Our family tradition is to each put our own “special ornaments” onto the tree. My OCD makes me a crazy person when it comes to ornaments. I must have at least 10 of each kind of ornament on the tree. We are not the type of people who buy one ornament each year and add to our “collection”. While there is nothing wrong with that, I would go insane if that were our tree. The only exception is everyone’s special ornament. Each of the girls have their pewter baby ornament with their name and the year of their first Christmas, Luis has a N.Y. Giants football snowman, and I have a glass reindeer ornament that my late grandmother gave me when I was about 9 years old. I trick my mind into being ok with the different ornaments by telling myself that the special ornaments are a “set”. Shhhhh, don’t let me know it’s a trick! (told you I was already off my rocker!)

Then we throw the rest of the ornaments up there with complete abandon, and have a blast doing so!


We are keeping the tree simple this year, no garland, tinsel, or anything flashy. Just plain and simple. I kind of like it. My only regret? There’s not more lights on that tree!

What kind of tree do you have? Simple? Over the top? or not a tree at all! Let me see your ideas! I LOVE Christmas trees!! (in case I didn’t mention that earlier)